Magma Pigchaser BBQ Sauce

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What's hotter than lava? Magma of course. As Magma rises from the Earth's crust its temperature will drop to form a weaker flow called lava. Magma always stays hot. To all of you asking for a hotter Pigchaser bbq sauce I bring you Magma.

Magma is a complex mixture of ingredients. Magma is all about temperature, pressure, and composition, When you taste my Magma sauce the burn (temperature) will come quickly and then gradually expand (pressure) because this sauce is made from many types of real peppers (composition) which all have different heat and flavors levels. This is why I always use real peppers.

This Magma bbq sauce has both heat and flavor. Take caution with this sauce and as always do not touch anywhere on your body you wouldn't apply pain relief ointment.

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