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What is Really in Your BBQ Sauce?

You need to be careful and cautious when you shop for bbq sauce. Some say you need to steer clear of "High Fructose Corn Syrup," (HFCS.) Yes, it's cheaper than honey, but you lose that honey mouth-feel. I can cut my bbq sauce cost in half if I use HFCS but will you still want to buy it? You'll lose that honey flavor and stickiness when you grill and slather my sauce on the food. I don't feel right cutting the sauce with HFCS.

Then there's sodium. My sauce is low sodium. Even the bacon. For those of you wanting to challenge me about the USDA-approved bacon bbq sauce, read the label and figure out the serving size before you send me an email. (1/4 cup equals 4 tbsp) (Usual serving size is 2 tbsp)

And last, my bbq sauce contains no dairy, no fish, and no soy. And it is gluten free.

There are a lot of good bbq sauces out there, but there are also a lot of backyard fifteen minutes of fame enthusiasts who believe they have a "gourmet" bbq sauce just because they deem it such. In their mind it's great. And just because a few close friends at their pig roast tell them so they start believing they have something great. That where the consumer gets blindsided. For instance, people use Open Pit, Sweet Baby Ray, or Cattleman's as a base, add a few unwise ingredients like mushrooms, beer, onions, mustard, etc. and declare it's their own homemade bbq sauce. That is not fair. That's a slap in the face of Sweet Baby Ray, Open Pit, and other famous bbq sauce companies who spent time perfecting their craft instead of using other sauces as a base. These bbq sauces were homemade...period.

I've never considered my bbq sauce "gourmet." My sauce has always been an honest homemade bbq sauce that has never "piggy-backed" on a well-known store bought brand. I didn't buy Sweet Baby Ray or Open Pit, doctor it up, and call it homemade or gourmet. I didn't need to. My bbq sauce stands alone by itself. I've won many awards for my sauces and that tells me I have a good sauce.

Like I said, my sauce is an honest sauce, homemade from scratch in the basement of my house. I started with honey in a pot and asked myself...what's next. Trial and error. Years of trial and error, not overnight using someone else's sauce. It's not made at home anymore because the FDA/USDA stepped in, but the basics were there and fine-tuned in my home.

Try my sauce. You'll either like it or not.

I'm going to be posting more of my bbq/grilling thoughts here so check back.

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